The destruction has started again*, this time with the tearing up of the kitchen/dining room floor, right down to the floorboards.

It’s fun. 🙂

The one thing I have definitely learned with this house, or let’s say has been confirmed (since I suspected as much before), is that I am my father’s daughter. I love taking things apart. I got a circular saw for Christmas and my first thought was: “What can I cut with this?” It turns out that I can use it to take up my floor, although I am just a little wary of that since I don’t want to cut into the floorboards below. But my father ensures that it will work, I just need to set the cut gaurd to the correct height. Easy as pie.

The one thing my father has on me is that he actually seems to finish some of his projects (unlike: my bathroom which is still unfinished although I did get the new toilet in; the computer room, which still has two strips of wallpaper to go; the kitchen cupboards, which are half primed; the patio, which never got beyond a few random patio stones laid right on top of the grass …)

*The chairs are in the middle of the floor to prevent me from banging my head on the light hanging from the ceiling (which I did twice before I finally put the chairs there). I’ve broken lights under similar circumstances.