A few months ago I attended a seminar at work about “Igniting Your Life” sponsored by North Star Coaches which made me realize that I really missed writing. With work, social activities, and sports, I hadn’t put aside any time for writing and so it had ceased to be a priority and had simply … ceased. I was determined to start again and set a goal of the end of December to finish a story.

I did actually make it, I just never cross-posted here 😉

So if anyone is actually interested, there are two new stories over at caughtinalie: last(ing) impressions and the key to her heart.

I can’t say how frequently I will finish stories (the home renovations still haven’t ended), but considering that there are forty-nine sitting in an unfinished state on my compter, hopefully I can find the time to complete at least a few. As my mother commented today “You have a long way to go before you’ll have a third book, don’t you.”

Yes, yes I do.