I’ve become addicted to pugs. How could I not with a face like that?*

Really, the addiction isn’t a new thing. I’ve wanted a dog (and specifically a pug) for quite a while now. I could never get one when I was younger, but I always told myself that I would get a dog when I was on my own. But since I wanted to get one from the humane society, and they seem pretty particular about people having houses/backyards, when I was finally on my own it still wasn’t the right time. And then when I did have a house/backyard, I didn’t have a fenced in yard, so it still didn’t seem like the right time. But now that I will soon have a house with a back yard that is fenced in … well, now the addiction is taking hold again.

The problem (besides the fact that I have only ever seen one pug at the humane society in the last few years) is that I’m not sure my boyfriend actually wants a dog. He had a dog when he was younger, but it wasn’t really “his” dog, it was his brother’s (or his sister’s, one of the two.) He is a cat person. He doesn’t seem to be against getting a dog, but I don’t know how strongly he is for getting a dog. And there is the cats to think about too – they’ve never been exposed to dogs, so I don’t know how they would handle it. Our trials with other cats in the house have been less than positive.

So instead, I’m trolling the web, looking at photos and admiring from afar. And working on convincing my boyfriend that a pug is just a cat in a dog’s body. 😉

*I’ve been reading shelbypug.com backwards and that’s the photo I saw first thing this morning 🙂