• “She’s getting bigger by the day!”
  • “Wow – you really look pregnant today!”
  • “How many pounds have you gained?”
  • “When are you due? Oh, you’re so big already!”

You may notice a recurring theme here ….

So far, I have not had anyone randomly rub my belly (other than my husband), but I’ve had enough comments on my weight to make me wish that I could spend the next five months on a deserted island with no mirrors or scales or people. And seeing as I am only four months pregnant, so I’m only going to get bigger!

It’s hard to keep telling yourself that every woman is different when everyone seems to expect you to fit into some ideal mold (that probably doesn’t even exist).

As a side-note, something that you should not say to your not-yet-pregnant wife:

  • “I’m looking forward to the mood swings – they’ll be fun”.

Unless you mean it, and really mean it. ‘Cuz she’ll remember that forever.


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