I never, ever, thought that growing another human being could suck up this much energy. I know that it makes sense in theory, but until I had to do it, I never comprehended the level to which it would suck the life right out of me (I know, I know … wait until after the kid is born!). Luckily I’ve only fallen asleep in one meeting (so far!) and my days are usually too busy to really stop and think about how tired I am. Which might also explain why I pretty much crash 15 minutes after I get home.

Perhaps what surprises me most is how much it is like a switch being thrown in my head. One minute I am fine, the next minute I could fall asleep where I stand. I was commenting to Charles about this the other night and without thinking, he said “You’re just like a pug!”. Which is both funny and very astute. We helped transport a seven month old pug from her temporary foster home to her permanent foster home on Saturday and she was the epitome of a pug puppy – bouncing around on my lap one second, flopped on my knee and snoring away the next. Repeat fifteen minutes later. Even ours, at a few years older, can fall asleep in moments, and often start snoring when their eyes are still open. Just like a switch has been thrown in their heads.

As long as I don’t start shedding hair like a pug, I think I’m okay.