Last Saturday we took apart Abby’s crib.

Truthfully, she hadn’t been sleeping in it much for the past three weeks anyway. For the tail end of December she would go to sleep in her crib, but at some point in the night she would get up and refuse to go back in. Since we were all battling colds, I eventually gave in and started sleeping with her on the spare bed, reasoning that we really needed sleep to properly evict the germs (having battled them for a month and a half at that point, we were more than anxious to bid them adios). That actually did the trick, but then she started cutting her molars (which are HUGE for such a little mouth!) and that lasted another week or two. Last week she stopped even going to sleep in her crib, crying and fighting the sleep she so clearly needed, but would peacefully drop right off to sleep when put in the spare bed (but then I had to sleep with her to make sure she didn’t drop right off the bed).

So, we finally decided that it was either her crib or her room that was upsetting her. And since we couldn’t move her crib out of her room without taking it apart, we took the plunge, took it apart, and lugged it down to the basement, putting a twin mattress in its place (we have a bed frame, but were concerned she would roll off it in the middle of the night so for now the mattress alone graces her room). The funny thing is that she doesn’t get off her mattress, even though she knows she can. When she wakes up, she sits in the middle of it and calls out until I go get her.

The other funny thing: the first night I was worried that she would not only crawl off her mattress, but also open the door to her room (even though she can’t work door knobs yet) and fall down the stairs, so I made sure the gate at the top of the stairs was locked.

And she doesn’t even leave the mattress.

She also happily goes to sleep in her room now.