Today, I stripped wallpaper off a wall. That is how impatient I am waiting for you.

Sure, you aren’t due for another week, but I had it in my head that you were coming this week and that’s not looking very likely from where I am sitting. I can’t tell if you are just being stubborn – you squirm often enough that I would have thought you would want out of your cramped quarters sooner rather than later – or if you just aren’t ready to make your entrance yet. Perhaps you are a perfectionist like me and want to make sure everything is ready for your arrival. So let me assure you that it is: the car seat is installed, the bassinet is waiting for you, your diapers are prepped, and your big sister keeps asking if you have come out yet. She even has a pair of shoes picked out for you to wear when you arrive (they’re pink, just to warn you. This may make for interesting photos if you turn out to be a boy – not that boys can’t wear pink).

Or maybe you were just waiting for me to sit down and relax since I was still rushing around earlier in the week, trying to cross everything off my four to-do lists before you came (yes, I had four lists. You’ll learn that I’m a list maker). So today I took a two hour nap, read a book, and aside from the brief foray into home decorating/undecorating, I’ve been taking it easy. And yet, no signs of you.

If you are hung up on the idea of me being fully rested before you come, you might have a long wait – did I mention that you have an older sister, two crazy cats and two insane pugs?

So, on that note, please don’t wait too much longer: the longer you wait, the bigger you are going to get. Your dad has already guessed that you are going to be 10lbs, 2oz and, as much as I am aware that you are not going to be a wee baby (your sister was 9lbs, 8oz) 10lbs just won’t do.

All my love,