I knew that Evelyn was not going to come out as a carbon copy of Abby, but sometimes it surprises/amuses me that they seem so different, even when it’s just in the little things:

Abby was two days early. Evelyn was a week late (or two weeks late, if you consider the fact I thought she would be a week early).

Evelyn has blue eyes (for now at least). Abby had brown eyes from the beginning (or so it seemed). Evelyn was born with a fairly good head of hair, whereas Abby’s hair growth seemed to stall until she was over a year old.

Abby slept well at night. Evelyn has the leg up on daytime napping.

Abby hated tummy time. Evelyn takes it like a trooper.

The list goes on, but the one thing that they do have in common: Abby would, almost without fail, pee while I was changing her, and Evelyn is no different.