I don’t know how it became September already. We were motoring along in August, enjoying our days, when suddenly I realized that we had two weeks of summer left (one of which was mostly taken up by a camping trip) and a whole list of things still to do before the first day of school for a certain someone (don’t get me started on how she became old enough to go to school already!). But there it was, staring at me in little boxes on our calendar, counting up as we counted down.

So we got busy. Taking walks.

Playing on the swings.

Splashing in puddles.


The first two weeks of September have been a blur, getting Abby adjusted to the school routine, and Evelyn as well, for that matter. Abby has adjusted, Evelyn still asks where Abby is each day, but she’s getting more used to being the only kid around.

The leaves are turning and falling. And I finally succumbed last night and turned on the heat.

Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall.