As I was schlepping my kids around the other day in the sub-freezing temperatures, I realized that it’s been just over six months since I left my job to stay at home with my kids. Six months without a cubicle. Six months without meetings, conference calls, or time sheets. Six months of looking only at English (and the few Spanish words required for Dora the Explorer). Also six months without a data plan. And six months without pay. 😉

Quite a bit has changed over the six months, not the least is that I went from two kids down to one when Abby started school in September. So really I’ve had two months of two kids, and just over four months of one kid – or 1.5 kids if you consider that “full day” school isn’t really full day, but really just slightly more than half a day that happens to be in the middle of the day. By the time we get back from dropping Abby at school in the mornings, we have just enough time to squeeze in a few things and then we start the lunchtime/pre-nap routine. Afternoons are usually a write-off since there’s napping/attempted napping and then we’re off to pick up Abby again!

I thought that Evelyn had adjusted to Abby being at school during the day, but having Abby home over the Christmas break I think really made Evelyn realize how much she misses Abby during the day. The three weeks since the break have been a bit of a challenge but we’re adjusting (again). Hopefully March break won’t throw her off as much. On the other hand, it really is amazing to see Abby flourish at school! She’s learning so much and really enjoying it. And although I’m not with her during the day, I love that I get to be with her until she walks into the school and again as soon as she gets out. I’m sure that she would have adjusted to an extended hours program, but it really is nice that she didn’t have to. I love that I get to hear about her day in detail while we munch on snack and not in a rush as I’m trying to get dinner ready.

I think the only thing that hasn’t really changed is that I still don’t get enough sleep! 😀 But at least it is a bit easier to deal with it when I don’t have to go to work on 4 hours sleep. And at least when I’m tired, Evelyn is too so we can be tired together.

I am amused that many people continue to ask me every time they see me whether I still like being at home with the kids. Yes. Yes, I do. They drive me absolutely crazy sometimes, but they drove me crazy when I was working too. The huge difference is that now I get the good times along with the crazy times. Before I felt like I was just getting the crazy (and going crazy as a result).


IMG-20131025-00304 IMG_00000243_smaller

And the good times are pretty darn good.