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This Rice Krispie looked more like a heart at 6:30am, but hopefully you can still see the resemblance. I’m grateful to be able to see the beauty in a Rice Krispie. Particularly at 6:30am on a Sunday morning when I’ve already been up for an hour.


Before we had kids we spent our Winters snowboarding. Neither kid has taken well to other caretakers, so now we tend to take turns getting out and as such our extracurricular activities have been curtailed for the last few years. But we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Last year we introduced Abby to snowboarding and although she’s only tried very small hills, she did quite well and, more importantly, loved it! We finally got her out again today and her enthusiasm was just as great. Evelyn is still too young, but she does enjoy the snow so I’m hopeful that she’ll follow in her sisters footsteps and that we’ll have some snowboarding time ourselves in our not too distant future!

And I’m grateful to see that smile.


A few months ago I decided to grow out my hair for what some people might think was an odd reason: my kids. I loved my short cut, but Abby really likes to play with hair and whenever she tried to “braid” my hair (which really involves just twisting it) or putting it into a “pinktail” (pigtail/ponytail), she would either get frustrated at its short length or yank on my hair so hard  that it hurt.

So, I decided to try growing it out. I’ve tried before and always ended up regretting it since when my hair is long it takes on an odd wave that just always looks messy. Or at least it did before I had kids. But my hair texture has also changed since having kids, so I decided that maybe now is the time to see what it does when it has a little length to it.

My hairdresser and I had a frank conversation about how we didn’t want me to have a mullet as my hair grew out, so the progress has been slow. I’m grateful that it’s finally starting to reach the stage where it’s actually looking longer. Although I’m also sad to be leaving behind my “fun” haircut  and moving into a “cute” bob. I’m hoping my hairdresser can do something about that when I’m in next week.


I’m grateful that Abby thinks drawing with me is “so great”! I gotta admit, I kinda like drawing with her too 🙂


Abby came home from school today with a “Mommy Facts” sheet that included this lovely little nugget. I guess I’m grateful that I look so good for my age ;D


At the end of November, I had the bright idea of following a “30 days of planking” plan I found, as a way to build my core strength. Seemed easy enough, you start at 20 seconds and over the course of a month build up to 270 seconds. You even get some rest days in there.

I wanted to start December 1st as a way to keep track of the days, but didn’t quite get it going, so it got put off until January 1st. And since I mentioned it to Charles, he’s also joining in/encouraging me.

We’re currently at 90 seconds. The first 70 really aren’t that bad, but there might be cursing involved for the last 10 seconds.

I’m grateful for that “ding” that signifies the end.


Although I’m always grateful when a Chai Latte comes my way, I am truly grateful that I have a husband who can sense when I need one and who surprises me with one. 🙂


Today was a day of rest and recuperation. Charles watched World War Z on our new “man cave” TV since I refuse to watch anything zombie-related or it gives me nightmares. The girls watched a few extra episodes of Dora. And I’m grateful that my headache was pretty much gone by noon. Which kind of felt like getting off easy after a week of reduced sleep + 3.5 bottles of wine shared with friends last night.


Today I’m grateful for perspective. And more wine.


Tonight I’m grateful for wine. Even if I had to wait an extra hour and a half to be able to enjoy it.