Sun 16 Mar 2014

A beautiful end to a beautiful day

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I’m grateful to have been able to spend some fabulous time with my family today.

Wed 12 Mar 2014


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I’m grateful that I only have to go to the dentist every nine months. And that I can have one of these immediately afterwards to get rid of the rubber glove taste. 😛

Fri 7 Mar 2014


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‘nuf said.

Thu 6 Mar 2014

My little traveler

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Now that we are finally (knock on wood) getting out of the deep freeze we’ve been in, the sidewalks and streets no longer maintain the thin layer of snow that they have been. Which is great for walking/driving, but not so great for trying to pull a sled with one or two kids on it. But the field that we have to cross still has too much snow to use the wagon, so I’ve been a bit stuck on the best way to make the twice-daily trip to Abby’s school.

So I was grateful that Evelyn agreed to try the carrier instead of the sled. And not only does it solve the issue of pulling a sled across dry concrete, it also cuts our dressing time in half since I don’t have to fight her to get her into her snow pants! And she thinks it’s so fun to be perched on my back, she sings the entire way.

Although I am also grateful to get her off my back when we get home since she is a bit of a heavy load. A cute load, but a heavy load.

Wed 5 Mar 2014

Having a good hair day

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I’m grateful that the front of my hair is finally as long as the back!!

Now, if only I could get the last of the dye out of my hair and get it back to being blonde.

Mon 3 Mar 2014

Let the sun shine in

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Along with the colder than usual temperatures, I feel we’ve had fewer than usual days with sun.

So I was very grateful to see the sun shining today, and not just for ten minutes, but for the entire day.

Tue 25 Feb 2014

Little schemer

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No picture, but definitely a proud and grateful moment tonight with Evelyn. We’ve been having a few missteps with her transitioning to swim classes without us – last week we had to get her after only ten minutes – and tonight was setting itself up as a repeat. She refused to go with her instructors at first, and finally only went once the head instructor was called over. Five minutes later, we saw her instructor flagging the head instructor down again and she was taken out of the pool and they started to walk towards the door. I went down to meet them, only to be told that she said that she needed to pee!

Which is fully plausible except that she’s not really potty trained yet. I fully suspected that she was just playing them, but I dutifully took her to the bathroom and held her over the toilet, only to hear the tinkle of pee! When she was done, I suited her back up, stuck her under the shower for a minute, and then sent her back to the instructor.

And then promptly bought a chocolate bar from the vending machine so that she could have a treat when she was done her class 😉

Mon 24 Feb 2014

Gooey, squishy fun

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I’m grateful that I’m not the mom who forgot that it was our turn to make and bring in the play dough for the kindergarten class. The fact that I remembered at 11pm last night and made it at 7am this morning is not important.

Sun 23 Feb 2014

Do these shoes make my feet look small?

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I’m grateful that bowling with our kids was a success. Evelyn even had the highest score until almost the end.

Thu 20 Feb 2014

Sometimes it’s the little things

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We’ve been out of green bin bags for a week. I usually stash a few behind the box where we normally store them, so that when we are “out”, we aren’t really out. But this time I didn’t, and for one reason or another I didn’t get a chance to pick them up.

But we use our green bin quite frequently, so it’s quite a habit to pop things in there. And every single time I lifted the lid … oh, yeah. We’re out of bags. Into the garbage it goes.

But today when I popped the lid … there was the bag.