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The fact that I had to look up what an rss/rdf feed was means the chances of me getting one in the near future is marginal at best.

To counter the items in my freezer thawing, the items in my fridge are now freezing. My Brita is one solid chunk of ice. I am one notch away from turning the fridge off completely and yet things are still forming icicles!

I’m guessing that the two events are related; I can imagine my freezer chugging away to solidify the items within, the frozen air drifting down and bonding the water molecules in the fridge.

Yoda Kitty

Okay, the skin tone is a little off and the ears a little too small, but this kitten still reminds me of Yoda.

Pretty much all the frozen food that managed to survive the thirteen hour power outage a week and a half ago just couldn’t withstand the nine hour freezer-door-wide-open fiasco of today. The only things that did survive were some cans of juice and some frozen cranberries and rhubarb (I was going to make a pie).

I’m seriously surprised that I didn’t find little ripped open packages of fish on the floor when I came home. The cats will usually try to get into anything and have always had a fascination with the fridge; why should the freezer be any different?

And just to add to my night, I just drove by the place where I make my wine and found out that they have new owners. But the old owners were so very very nice …

Part of me is hoping that maybe only the management have changed and not the staff 😉

I think now might be a good time to look into getting one of those “George Foreman”-type grills. I just lost half my arm hair and I’m sure more than a few head hairs to a propane fireball.

free vacation day!! ]

I called work. Our facilities manager said don’t come in.

But work has air-conditioning ….


Well, that was an interesting little ride.

When the power first went out yesterday afternoon I wasn’t actually surprised. Pissed off, because I was on a short deadline and didn’t want any interuptions, but we had all noticed the slight dimming of our monitors and lights a scant minute or so before the full blackout hit. And now my deadline is extended a day, which combined with the weekend will make my life a little easier.

It seems that most people assumed the power would not come on in time to return to work today – all night I heard people out partying, laughing, yelling. But it wasn’t the noise of terror or chaos, it was the sound of adventure, of excitement. I must admit, even I felt a little disappointed when the power came on again a few minutes before five this morning – just over twelve hours after it went out. It was a little bit of an adventure. Rather than sitting and watching TV all night, I took my book and wandered down the path that leads behind my house to a little park, where I watched a baseball game finish up (unbeknonst to me at the time, it was actually my company playing. They won). I watched some kids play basketball. I finished the evening by reading on a bench until the light was too low to see the words anymore. I had an interesting time getting back into my apartment though; the emergency lights were not running in the hallways, so I had to feel my way along the wall, counting doors as I went. I even fondled the numbers on my own door to make doubley-sure I wouldn’t accidentally try to walk into someone else’s apartment.

The rest of the evening was spent by candlelight and flashlight, and the glow of my laptop, until it died (It said there was still an hour and a half of battery life … gotta remember in the future that it lies …) Only a paragraph or so of the story was lost at least.

So now I’m sitting here, wondering if I should be getting ready for work because the Premier of Ontario has requested that people not go to work today if they don’t have to but that little voice inside my head says that’s silly, ’cause work is there and the power is on. Kind of like when they called in the army a few years ago in Toronto to deal with a little extra snow (and yes, I worked in TO at the time, so I think I can say Mayor Mel over-reacted). It was bad, but not worthy of the army.

Four phone calls and a visit to my local neighbourhood cell-phone kiosk later, I now have a brand new, same as I had before cell phone that actually accepts and recieves calls.

It’s a wonderful thing.

The look on the sales reps face after seeing how new and undamaged my unworking cellphone was, and after hearing how it had just stopped working, was pretty good. And it’s pretty cool that I got a new phone rather than having to wait for the old one to be fixed. As we waited for the sales rep to finish with the customer in front of us, I scoped out the other phone, in case I was forced to buy a backup phone. Cell phones really aren’t cheap.

Strangely, despite my insistance that I really don’t use the phone that much (hence the switch to the cell-only option), this was the one weekend where I actually needed my phone. Contrary to popular opinion, not all plans can be made over the internet.

And all my phone numbers were transferred over safely (that was a little bit of a scare there when he asked if I had stored the numbers on the phone or on the simcard. I didn’t even know I could store numbers anywhere other than the simcard.) The only thing I had to reprogram was my ring tone – the theme music from Angel.

and the fun just keeps coming ]

As a continuation to my day on friday, when I finally left work I turned on my phone only to find out that I could not connect to my service. Assuming it was just a temporary outage, I went about my merry way, but with no more luck Saturday morning, trekked to work so I could call my phone company and find out what was going on. Twenty minutes later the furthest I got was “Our tech people say you have a signal. Try turning your phone off and on to see if that solves the problem.” To be fair, I accidentally hung up on the customer service person while she was on the line to the tech people again to see if they had any other advice, but I have a feeling that in the end she would have said it was my phone anyway.

So today, three days later, I have to trudge back to work to phone the store that I bought the phone from to find out what to do, since the phone is only three months old. And given that it took me half an hour to get my simcard out of the phone, if they give me any hassle, so help me g– I will be peesed off …

Want to feel like a five year old again?

Strap a pair of ice skates on your feet and watch as the real five year olds fly by you on the ice as you cling to the boards going “wtf?”, unable to move your feet.

Inline skating is absolutely nothing like ice skating*.

But, to my credit (and Val’s teaching), I finally got going, only fell once (and yes, I got a bruise) and by the end of the evening, I was even attempting spins. I’d like to think that it was only because I haven’t been on ice skates in more than six years, or that I had to “unlearn” the way I inline skate, but I think I might be fooling only myself if I did that.

*Aparently inline skates are very similar to hockey skates, but not at all similar to figure skates, or so Val tells me. Or maybe she was just trying to make me feel better as all the little kiddies swooped around me on the ice.