Since I work for a healthcare software company, I am expected to know a little bit of both medical and technical terminology so that I can describe things in correct and appropriate ways. One of my performance measures for this year is to increase my medical knowledge, something I am finding a little hard to do since I never really liked studying anyway. I try to attend in-house learning sessions and read industry publications, but when push comes to shove, I would rather work towards improving my documentation than work towards improving my extra knowledge. But since my performance review rides partly on this, I am looking for new ways to expand my sources of information.

Which is where tv comes in.

As I browsed through Chapters today, I came across several novels based on the the tv show C.S.I.. Now while I like C.S.I., I’m not sure my interest would transfer over to a book, but then I got to thinking a little more: C.S.I. … crimes … dead people … autopsies … medical knowledge! And if I throw C.S.I. Miami into the mix, I get a good solid two or three hours of “medical knowledge” every week!

Now if I can only sell my boss on the idea, I’m all set.