I find it ironic that several of the questions asked during the Waterloo mayoral debate were about the RIM Park fiasco, when the debate itself is taking place in the RIM Park complex. People are using the exact thing they are against to voice their displeasure about it.

I will be the first to admit that the city messed up in regards to RIM Park. They didn’t read the fine print and the taxpayers are … well, paying for it.

But it is far from the disaster that some people paint it as. It is regularly used for sports, for job fairs, for community events and for events such as the mayoral debates for Waterloo and Kitchener. The one huge drawback that I saw at the beginning was that it was inaccessible to anyone who did not have a car, but they have recently expanded the bus system to that area, so I can’t really complain anymore about that.

I’m not saying I would blindly re-elect anyone who was associated with the decision to build RIM Park, but at the same time, I think that maybe it’s time to find a new thing to gripe about.