The stupidity of some people astounds me. Read the listing, then read the rest of this post. It won’t take you long.

Done? Okay. The listing itself is very amusing and almost worth a glance on it’s own but it is the winning bidder that really cracks me up. You see, the winning bidder actually submitted a complaint because *FIVE* of the beanies were … wait for it … FAKES. And therefore, the seller was a LIAR and is a FEDERAL CRIMINAL.

Aparently she missed when he said “Final Notice and Disclaimer: I know nothing about these stuffed Beanie Babies. I offer no proof of anything.” or “Thus no gauruntees!” (which despite the bad spelling is obvious) or “I make no claims on value” or any of his other statements that said he knew nuttin’ about them, didn’t want to know nuttin’ about them and, in summary, didn’t give a rat’s a** about them.