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Blogger responds to the whole “Mom Finds Out About Blog” article that has been linked to ad nauseam for the past few days.

My mom found my weblog years ago, but just didn’t get into it. The only time she seems to really be interested is when she does something I think is funny – she knows I’ll post it, so she wants to make sure I get it “right”.

I try to write the kinds of stories that draw a picture in your mind, but I’ve always loved the kind of photographs that speak to you without words. A Picture’s Worth goes for the best of both worlds.

Check it out. Make a submission.

You know you wanna.


Ah, the first snowfall of the season. The wind is howling, the trees are swaying, there’s a wind warning in effect and my lights don’t seem to want to stay bright.

When’s spring coming again?

It seems that Merriam-Websters current word is McJob. And McDonalds is not happy.

McJob defined as a `slap in the face

The stupidity of some people astounds me. Read the listing, then read the rest of this post. It won’t take you long.

Done? Okay. The listing itself is very amusing and almost worth a glance on it’s own but it is the winning bidder that really cracks me up. You see, the winning bidder actually submitted a complaint because *FIVE* of the beanies were … wait for it … FAKES. And therefore, the seller was a LIAR and is a FEDERAL CRIMINAL.

Aparently she missed when he said “Final Notice and Disclaimer: I know nothing about these stuffed Beanie Babies. I offer no proof of anything.” or “Thus no gauruntees!” (which despite the bad spelling is obvious) or “I make no claims on value” or any of his other statements that said he knew nuttin’ about them, didn’t want to know nuttin’ about them and, in summary, didn’t give a rat’s a** about them.

I find it ironic that several of the questions asked during the Waterloo mayoral debate were about the RIM Park fiasco, when the debate itself is taking place in the RIM Park complex. People are using the exact thing they are against to voice their displeasure about it.

I will be the first to admit that the city messed up in regards to RIM Park. They didn’t read the fine print and the taxpayers are … well, paying for it.

But it is far from the disaster that some people paint it as. It is regularly used for sports, for job fairs, for community events and for events such as the mayoral debates for Waterloo and Kitchener. The one huge drawback that I saw at the beginning was that it was inaccessible to anyone who did not have a car, but they have recently expanded the bus system to that area, so I can’t really complain anymore about that.

I’m not saying I would blindly re-elect anyone who was associated with the decision to build RIM Park, but at the same time, I think that maybe it’s time to find a new thing to gripe about.

So my Nuc Med test wasn’t nearly as interesting as I thought it would be:

  1. First of all, the machine makes absolutely no noise at all, so you can’t really even tell if it is working or not. A little whirring would have gone a long way in creating the right ambiance.
  2. Second, there was no gown, just my regular clothes that I walked in wearing. If you are in a hospital, you should look the part.
  3. Third, you have to lie still for several minutes while the image is being taken, with nothing to look at except some safety caution sticker on the bottom of the machine. This for a machine that you can’t even guarantee is working (see point #1)
  4. Finally, even though I asked really nicely, she wouldn’t let me see any of my images!

In summary, definitely not worth the $8 admission price.

All in all, I think I’ll have to give this one two stars. I could be a little tougher on it, but they did inject me with radioactive dye, so I have to give them points for that. Even if I didn’t glow.

Side note: My coworker actually turned off the lights in the meeting room today to see if I would glow.

I’m convinced that one of my fish ate another one of my fish, because I used to have three of them and now I only have two and I can’t for the life of me find the fish body, even after two days, a tank cleaning and a whole lotta lookin.

I was somewhat expecting my lastest three fish to be thinned out, since they are much smaller than the other fish right now and I don’t have the most docile of fish to begin with. I just wasn’t expecting any of them to disappear completely. Deaths I can handle, disappearances bring back very bad memories of the last time I couldn’t find one of my fish (paragraph at the bottom of the post).

I am very very disappointed right now.

I had to get a test done today and the form said not to eat or drink anything four hours before the exam. Not really a problem, I just had to eat lunch a little early. But of course because today is the first day of work after Halloween, everybody brought in their excess candy and left it on our common table to consume. But they brought it out after I had already passed the four hour mark! (Am I the only one who thinks chocolate in the morning is okay?) So there I was, surrounded by candy, but unable to eat it.

Only it turns out that this hospital has no such “four hour rule”, a fact I only found out when I showed up for my test! So I was in fact depriving myself for nothing.