No picture, but definitely a proud and grateful moment tonight with Evelyn. We’ve been having a few missteps with her transitioning to swim classes without us – last week we had to get her after only ten minutes – and tonight was setting itself up as a repeat. She refused to go with her instructors at first, and finally only went once the head instructor was called over. Five minutes later, we saw her instructor flagging the head instructor down again and she was taken out of the pool and they started to walk towards the door. I went down to meet them, only to be told that she said that she needed to pee!

Which is fully plausible except that she’s not really potty trained yet. I fully suspected that she was just playing them, but I dutifully took her to the bathroom and held her over the toilet, only to hear the tinkle of pee! When she was done, I suited her back up, stuck her under the shower for a minute, and then sent her back to the instructor.

And then promptly bought a chocolate bar from the vending machine so that she could have a treat when she was done her class 😉