Now that we are finally (knock on wood) getting out of the deep freeze we’ve been in, the sidewalks and streets no longer maintain the thin layer of snow that they have been. Which is great for walking/driving, but not so great for trying to pull a sled with one or two kids on it. But the field that we have to cross still has too much snow to use the wagon, so I’ve been a bit stuck on the best way to make the twice-daily trip to Abby’s school.

So I was grateful that Evelyn agreed to try the carrier instead of the sled. And not only does it solve the issue of pulling a sled across dry concrete, it also cuts our dressing time in half since I don’t have to fight her to get her into her snow pants! And she thinks it’s so fun to be perched on my back, she sings the entire way.

Although I am also grateful to get her off my back when we get home since she is a bit of a heavy load. A cute load, but a heavy load.