I’m grateful that Spring is finally starting to show its face, even if we’re briefly detouring back to Winter and sub-zero highs two days from now. The insane piles of snow have almost melted from around our house, the swings went up yesterday (even though the ground is still a bit squishy), and even our little hibernating hermit Evelyn is starting to enjoy getting out more and doesn’t fight me (as much) when we have to leave the house.

Since she spent the Winter being hauled back and forth on the sled when we had to drop off or pick up Abby, when that no longer was an option I thought she wouldn’t be particularly enthusiastic about walking the distance again. But she’s been quite the trooper, and has even taken to entertaining herself on the trip with games.

Like “Stomp on Momma’s Shadow”.


And her new favourite, “Jump Over Every Crack”.

(Every. Single. One.)


It’s been fun, Winter. Who am I kidding? GOOD RIDDANCE WINTER!!