The biggest challenge in potty training Evelyn hasn’t been getting her to start using the potty, but figuring out what to do with the occasional dirty diaper when she doesn’t quite get to the potty in time. Well, more accurately, how to continue using cloth diapers during this time.

When Abby was potty training, Evelyn was only about nine months old so I was still regularly doing diaper laundry and a few less diapers didn’t really impact the frequency. But with Evelyn I’m really struggling lately since I don’t get enough dirty diapers in a reasonable amount of time, so I’m faced with the dilemma of doing diaper laundry less often, which isn’t ideal, or doing it as often, but with much smaller loads, which also isn’t ideal. I could switch to disposables, but I feel like the cloth diapers are actually helping potty train since she can really feel when she is wet and she’s learning to like being dry!

Now is not the time for me to learn how to hand wash diapers.