31.5.01 10:09 PM | pyromaniacal little people  ]

After a seemingly innocent email conversation with Nick , I have once again been sucked into the seedy underworld of the Sims.

Pray for my soul.


30.5.01 5:25 PM | well is it, or isn't it!?!  ]

People should not tell you that something is worth marks/effort/whatever, and then turn around and tell you that oops, maybe it isn't . I mean, what kind of motivation is that?

"This is worth 40% of your final mark, but if you fuck it up, maybe it's worth less. Or maybe it's not worth anything at all."

I need motivation these days. Telling me that what I do may not make any difference in the end is the fastest way to make me slack off and say "Fine. Make it worth nothing then." Of course the downside to that is, if this is worth nothing, then something else is worth much much more.

I hate studying.


29.5.01 12:10 PM | maybe an exorcism is in order  ]

Murphy's Law: Your printer will mysteriously stop working right before an assignment is due.

I think perhaps my english essay is cursed. I moved my printer a grand total of about four inches. And yet when I went to print my essay, it no longer worked.


28.5.01 2:31 PM | the Father, Son and Holy Ghost  ]

There are some days when I regret the fact that I grew up without a very religious background. My parents came from two different religions, so my brother and I were raised without the experience of church. We were still raised with strict morals and certainly with a strong sense of what is right and wrong, but sometimes I feel I missed out on the other things that I might have gotten with a religious upbringing.

Like an idea of the religious symbolism I am suppose to be looking for in my freakin' english essay!


26.5.01 9:20 PM | IMHO  ]

Well, the Toronto Star didn't exactly give a glowing review of the U2 concert from Thursday night, but I think I speak for those people I went with last night when I say we had a good time. We had a slightly different perspective being in the stands for the second show, rather than on the floor, but as I said before, I think it gave the best of both worlds.

And I got my souvenir.


25.5.01 10:23 AM | a prelude  ]

Last night was the first of two U2 shows here in Toronto. Our floor tickets got us within about 10 people of the band. Very cool. With the drive from Waterloo, the traffic, and my insistance that we (or I at least) stay in the stadium so we could keep our spots, we didn't really have time to pick up any funky merchandise, but there is plenty of time for that tonight.

Just a little souvenir, you know.


24.5.01 12:59 AM | A good night indeed  ]

Tonight we went to see a friend play at an open-mike type event. I can honestly say it was a blast. Our friend was awesome.

And when one of the other performers (male) played an accoustic version of (Hit Me) Baby One More Time , I laughed so hard I cried.


22.5.01 10:44 PM | 2 more days  ]

This should help me get in the mood for Thursday and Friday nights.



20.5.01 8:38 PM | so close  ]

Raptors lose Game 7 against Philadelphia. It was a mighty exciting game though.

See 'ya next year!

3:36 PM | ouch  ]


I came across the link to the was Kaycee real? thread on Metafilter last night and read most of it. I came away wondering about a few things, (mostly how all these people had time to research the background behind Kaycee and her death), however, I was still confident that she existed, only because I couldn't put my mind around the fact that someone would be deceitful enough to create a person for fun or to increase their hits.

Today the truth came out - she did exist and she didn't exist. The news comes from Kaycee's "mother" Debbie [note: the link is gone] , who has now admitted that she took the lives of three people she knew and created the persona of Kaycee.

I'm just shocked that someone would keep up the facade for so long. Yes, she says she just wanted to tell their stories, but why make someone up? Unfortunately I'm the type of person who, once tricked, believes everything is a trick. I'm still left with the impression she did it for other reasons. As a result, I find it hard to have sympathy for her. I wish I could. She played with a lot of people. She (presumably) is an adult. I can only think she should have been honest.

The ones I do feel sympathy for are BWG and Halcyon and those who gave their hearts to 'Kaycee'.

And yes, I felt her sunshine.


18.5.01 11:18 PM | punted to the curb?  ]

Want to hear the perfect ending to my day?

We got a letter from the building management saying our application to sublet had been denied and we are not allowed to live here .

The guy we are subletting from is going to talk to the super this weekend to find out what's up. He says not to worry, but I worry anyway. I *really* don't want to have to go through the hassle of finding a place and moving.

1:58 PM | *pop*  ]

Lesson of the Day: Using both the toaster and the microwave at the same time will blow the fuse.

Not only are we without the microwave right now, but our stove is also on the same fuse (and no, we were not using that at the same time as well) and is now also unusable. I can't remember the last time I actually lived in a place that used fuses and not switches.

[2:30 PM - And out of 5 fuses, how many do you think I had to pull before I found the blown fuse? 4. I killed everything but Brad's room.]


17.5.01 12:27 PM | alkyhol  ]

A friend sent this email to me a week ago with the note "Why did this make me think of you...?"


Starkle starkle little twink
who the hell you are I think
I'm not under what you call
the alcofluence of incohol
I'm just a little slort of sheep
I'm not drunk like tinkle peep
I don't know who is me yet
but the drunker I stand here
the longer I get
Just give me one more drink
to fill me cup
'cuz I got all day sober
to Sunday up.

At first I thought it was kind of funny, which it is.

But looking at it now, it actually makes me sad. Why does that little ditty make her think of me ? Who knows, maybe I'm misunderstanding that little comment.

Or maybe I'm just feeling a little off-balance right now.

9:54 AM | rafi has bunny slippers  ]

The post below reminded me of a morning a few days ago. As I was getting ready for school, I glanced in my mirror as I passed and starting laughing.

You'll understand why in a minute.

As Brad knows (not that he has seen), I have this thing about "air-drying" in the mornings after my shower. I just don't like to get dressed quickly after a shower, so I simply don't get dressed. Which isn't really funny, although Brad does like to kid me about it. The funny part is the slippers, as shown in the picture. Pink furry slippers. Imagine a woman walking around in nothing but pink furry slippers.

Yah, I knew you'd laugh.

9:46 AM | dancin' with myself  ]

So Brad is gone to see REM in Toronto and I am all alone in the apartment. And I got to thinking of all the things I could do, since I have the apartment all to myself. I could listen to music as loud as I want, I can eat right out of the container, I can sing to myself, or I could dance around nude. Not that I would necessarily do any of the above.

But I could if I wanted.


16.5.01 10:10 PM | Economics  ]

Tonight in class I learned that you can predict the weather in Florida by looking at the market price of orange juice.

So take that into account when planning a vacation.

9:05 AM | did you feel her sunshine?  ]

I didn't know whether to mark this , or how to mark it. I read her blog every day, but never met her so there's this feeling of knowing a part of her, but still ... not knowing *her*.

My thoughts go out to Kaycee's family and friends.


15.5.01 5:04 PM | squish  ]

As I killed off another colony of spiders that had taken up residence in my curtains this time, I remembered a tale about how you shouldn't kill spiders or it will rain.

This is the weather forecast for the next four days.

We are so very sorry.

[Forecast courtesy of Environment Canada ]


14.5.01 12:29 PM | arachnophobia  ]

Anyone know how to get rid of a *colony* of spiders? Anyone at all?

Brad and I came home to a group of tiny spiders taking up residence in our bathroom/hallway/living room. We think they must have recently hatched, judging by their size and speedy entrance.

I have nothing against one or two spiders. I do have something against fifty.

Poor Brad even has to buy a new toothbrush. His was one end of a cobweb.


13.5.01 11:51 PM | FA  ]

I have this ... problem.

You see, whenever I go home, I always have the inevitable errands to run, those that can only be done with a car (or are just best done with a car). Either way, I do not have a car here in Waterloo, so half my time at home is spent doing errands. The problem is that my mother tags along. Which is cool, because then I don't feel so bad about not spending time with her. (I like my mother, if you haven't noticed). It's just that my mother ... well, she often does not discourage me from buying things. She *use to*, but .. not anymore.

I bought a queen size bed at the urging of my mother.

The scanner was bought in the presence of my mother.

It is my mother who plans all these trips , for which I must pay my portion.

But the worst, the absolute worst thing my mother doesn't dissuade me from buying is fabric. This of course is because she, herself, is addicted to buying it, but nonetheless she does not stop me from making purchases.

Case in point: my mother had to go to Fabricland to buy a simple zipper one time. That runs about a buck fifty. Seventy dollars later we left the store. This is only one example of many. This weekend we made two, that's right two , trips to our friendly local Fabricland store, spending a whopping one hundred and fifty dollars between us. This again is only one example of many.

Fabrics Anonymous. Hello, my name is Tracy. And I am a fabric-aholic.


12.5.01 9:54 AM | call me crazy  ]

For some reason, I thought it would be an easy transition to go from sleeping in a queen-size bed all by myself, to sharing a couch with a cat who won't stop moving.


10.5.01 6:19 PM | St. Paddy's Day Shenanigans  ]

I got my pictures back from the developer yesterday, and mixed in with my pictures from my trip to Arizona were ones taken starting last November, including ones from the St. Paddy's Day party at the Bomber. The one thing I can't figure out is how or why I got a picture of Nick's legs. And no, I was not too inebriated. I only had about four drinks the entire night (and it was a loooong night). The camera was in my possession the whole time, and although I did not take the picture, I have a pretty good idea who did. The question still remains why? Emails to Nick have not brought us any closer to an answer. I put it to those of your who were there that night to shed some light on the matter.

It seems people we know have a propensity for taking unusual pictures.

12:18 AM | 5-1  ]

It's standard fare for one of the first topics when starting a class to be "turn off all cellphones and pagers." Makes sense in a class of 90-100 people, right?

Which is what I thought my prof tonight was getting at when he said he didn't want phones and pagers ringing throughout the three hours, updating people on the score of the Leafs -Devils game. However, he then asked for a "volunteer with a cellphone", stipulating the person must have a friend watching the game. A guy near the front raised his hand: "Good. Call your friend and tell him to call you if the leafs score ... or if there is a *particularly* violent penalty."


Partway into the class, the phone rings. The prof stops talking. The guy answers the phone, speaks for a moment, then hangs up. "The Leafs scored a goal." The prof starts talking again.

That was, of course, the last phone call in class, as the Leafs were beaten by the Devils, 5-1, ending the series and their chance at the Cup. But it was funny for that one phone call.

I wonder if the prof likes the Raptors ?


9.5.01 6:39 PM | it's all relative  ]

Some days, you just feel so very small .


7.5.01 9:29 PM | for 'utilities'  ]

Somehow last term I became the resident bill payer. As a result, my roommates owed me copious amounts of money at the end of the term. Although I was given the cheques a week ago, I finally got around to depositing that money earlier today. Just before leaving for the bank, I noticed that Rafi had left a special message for me:

I think he got his money's worth.


6.5.01 4:38 PM | inneresting  ]

I ran across this spoof of the old UW home page. It's actually a pretty good copy. Unfortunately, the UW page now looks like this .

I think I know a few people who could use BA.

1:02 PM | almost perfect  ]

And he cleans too!

luv ya Brad!

12:23 PM | that's dedication for you  ]

It amuses me that I got back from vacation a week ago and I am already emailing my employer to set up vacation for next term. You see, we had planned to go to St. John just before the next work term started in September, but now those plans have been pushed to October, which of course falls right in the middle of my work term. So I haven't even started the term yet and I'm already asking for vacation time. But with beaches like this , wouldn't you make the effort too? (I will of course, be skipping that nude beach me thinks)

BTW, my vacation pictures from Sedona and the Grand Canyon will be ready on Tuesday, so barring any unforseen complications, I'll share the good ones. Assuming there are any good ones (Although the sights *were* beautiful, I make no claims on my picture-taking abilities.)


3.5.01 4:34 AM | sleep? who needs sleep!  ]

I wish I could talk about some deep and meaningful topic, and wow you all with my wit and charm. But honestly, all I can think of right now is why can't I sleep!

My new bed is very comfy. Much better than the old.

I should, theoretically, be *extraordinarily* tired from my cumulative lack of sleep over the last two and a half weeks.

It's not too hot. It's not too cold. It's just right.

Even Monte is behaving and remaining quiet.

4:07 AM | my very own room  ]

The unpacking is nearing completion. Take a peek at my new room .

There's always those few things that don't seem to have a place when you move. Currently they are stored on the floor. They are, of course, absent from the above picture, a fact for which Brad promised he would "out" me, but I guess I'm beating him to it. So sorry to ruin your fun.

As much as I am glad I am out of the crackhouse, I do miss the *large* closet I had there. So much room. And it actually had shelves.


1.5.01 2:54 AM | somniphobia strikes again?  ]

I can't sleep and I don't want to wake up Brad by moving any more stuff around in my room, so I finished up Perfect Strangers instead.