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How long ago was OS X released? Almost three years? So why is it that software companies, especially a company like Adobe, who advertises that it “got its start on the Macintosh computer”, cannot manage to release software that runs in OS X, not OS 9 masquerading as OS X!

Well, since it required almost no effort on my part, and having a site feed seems like the bandwagon to jump on these days, here you go: mayhaps is now

Last night was the first time in a while that I had stayed up really late on a worknight to finish a story. I’ve been pushing myself the last week or so to finish a story and had been struggling to make the words into what I wanted.

So I switched stories.

I think I like Nicola. I know I like parts of Nicola. I’m not sure I like where I ended it but I always have more trouble with the endings that with anything else, so I suppose it’s all par for the game.

So much for those promised rate cuts in auto insurance: my insurance just went up 38%. This on a ten-year old car, for a female driver over 25, with no tickets, zero accidents, and who walks to work every day.

I’m not sure if I should be happy that I have a good driving record and that it didn’t go up more, or sad that I don’t deserve a 38% increase.

Thankfully, my car insurance was not extravagant, so although it is a monstrous increase when you consider the percentage, it doesn’t have a disastrous impact on my bank balance.

The English language makes it far too easy to make up words*.

I don’t know if it is because developers sometimes stick “developer-speak” or “pseudo-English” into the documents they write without realizing it, or because English is a second language for some of these people so they don’t have a “perfect” grasp of what is a complicated language, or if it is a sign that perhaps our education system is failing us since we aren’t taught grammar until we are half-way through high-school, and some teachers can’t (or choose not to) actually deduct marks for spelling or grammar mistakes in assignments.

The funny thing is, I think our culture is so use to new words being introduced that our minds have learned to accept these words and read them in context to understand the meaning. Sort of like the idea that the only letters that have to be in the correct position in a word are the first and last and we can still understand the meaning.

* This coming from someone who uses the word mayhaps.

As I was saying

Today, I received in the mail an appraisal for the painting I bought at the auction.

No, not the auction I went to in December, but the one I went to in July. Yes, apparently “eight weeks” in auction-speak really means “twenty-four weeks” (almost to the day, in fact).

I guess I can’t really complain – it took them three months to charge me for the first painting. (But only a little over a month to charge me for the second).

Update: I just looked at the paper more closely. It is actually a certificate of authenticity, not an appraisal, for the painting I bought … in December. So I still have no idea what happened to the appraisal (or certificate for that matter) for the painting I bought in July. And since the only way to get them to send me “another” one is to write them a letter and send it through registered mail .. well, I just can’t be bothered.

First there was the Ah-nold workout, and now the stripper workout?

And I thought my workout instructor was just being funny when she had us do the “stripper stretch” …

Sure, it probably breaks copyright rules and all of that fun stuff, and is a little one-sided, but if you are concerned about where your meat comes from (or you are not, but find the idea of “mooveus” funny), take a look at the MEATRIX.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing but are interested in the premise behind it, you can find non-factory farming meat resources in Canada and other countries on the site as well.

I figured since this was the third time I had gotten it, I might as well share it.

How exactly does air freeze? I haven’t taken a chem class since high school, and that was a solid seven or so years ago, but it seems to me that air should not be able to freeze.

And yet it must, since I had to visit six* different gas stations today before I found one that had a pump that was not frozen. I admit, I actually could have gotten air at the third one, but the line for the pump was already three cars long, with one car looking like it was riding right on its rims, the one tire was so flat, so I naive continued on my way thinking that there just had to be another station that had a working pump. And I did eventually find one, but I think even that one was half-frozen since the air was being pumped at an excruciatingly slow rate.

My tires only leak in the winter (something to do with a bad rim design), but when they leak they leak well.

*I actually visited eight, but only six had air pumps.